We Want to Hear from You!

How to Contact Us

Right now we are only using U.S. mail and email to communicate. 

When to Email Us

Anytime, some of us are up really late!

When to Expect a Response

We try to answer emails as soon as we get them but it all depends on how many volunteers we have working that day. Emails will be answered no later than 24 hours of receipt. You should get a response from us by then, if not, ping us again! We are all volunteers and have jobs, but we do our best!

Do you want to help us answer our email? Volunteer with us! We'd love to have you!

Contact Us:

By Mail:
GSRRC, Inc. 
Post Office Box 210
Nahant, MA 01908

By Email:

General Information: 

Adoption Information:

Dog Surrender Information:

Foster Information:
foster@germanshepherd.org 210