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The inability to find pet friendly housing is one of the leading causes of dog (and cat) relinquishment. The key to keeping your pet is to plan in advance.  Renting with any type of pet can sometimes be difficult but here are several strategies that can help make finding a pet friendly rental easier.

·         Consider the area you wish to live as many suburbs are more pet friendly than others.

·         When considering a property with pets, try neat but older rentals without manicured garden.  Owners of these rentals are often more open to tenants with pets.

·         Earn a Canine Good Citizen (CGC) certificate and submit a copy of it with your rental application. The Canine Good Citizen Program is a two-part program that stresses responsible pet ownership for owners and basic good manners for dogs.

·         Get references for your pets from your vet, dog trainer, obedience club and your current landlord.

·         Try to get the new owner of a potential rental to come and meet you and your GSD and to be reassured the pet is not a risk.  

·         Offer to pay a slightly larger bond and stress that of course any damages will be paid for, as would damages related to any other tenant created problem.

·         Always maintain the rental property you are presently living in with your pets and follow any specifications in your rental agreement.  This will make your landlord more likely rent to someone with pets again.

Pet Friendly Housing

There is pet-friendly housing available in every major city and beyond.  Take time to find a housing situation that allows pets.  Most major cities have services that are dedicated to helping people find pet-friendly housing.  The following sites related to housing are located on the internet:

People With Pets
Search a FREE Apartment & Home Directory of apartments and home rentals across the United States that will be friendly and accept your cats and small and large dogs.

MyApartment Map
Search for Pet Friendly Apartments by State. MyApartmentMap has thousands of pet friendly apartments that allow dogs and cats.  Each apartment listing has a small pet icon (small dog, large dog, cats) that indicates if that particular property allows pets.

Home Properties
Pet friendly property searches for in Massachusetts and Maine.

Home with Pets
Search listings of pet friendly apartments, condos, townhouses & homes all over the United States where your dog, cat, ferret, bunny, bird or other pet is allowed.

Housing Discrimination and Companion Animals

If you have an emotional disability and need a companion dog, and your landlord is telling you to remove your dog, this site may help.

Companion Animals in Rental Housing - Federal Law
This guide explains four key federal laws that govern the rights of tenants, and that may determine whether you have a right as a tenant to live with a companion animal, whether you rent a home, own a home that is governed by a homeowners association, live in federally-assisted public housing for the elderly or disabled, or in federally assisted public housing that does not give such a preference to the elderly or disabled, or whether your housing is subsidized by a state or local government.

Facing Foreclosure or Lost Your Home

If you are facing home foreclosure and you have pets, here are some sites to help you relocate with your pets or find other safe placement for them. Never leave pets behind when you vacate your home!

Foreclosure Pets
Our goal/mission is to help all homeowners facing foreclosure in the United States to find a new home and/or temporary adoption for their pets until they can get back on their feet.

Pets of the Homeless
Pets of the Homeless is a nonprofit all volunteer organization that provides pet food and veterinary care to the homeless and less fortunate in local communities across the United States and Canada.

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