Meet Miss Maya.

Maya is a 1 ½ year old petite female about 55 lbs. She was bred by a very inexperienced “backyard breeder” just out to make some money. Her owners surrendered Maya to us because she is severely shy and fearful and her excessive submissive urinating inside the home.

She came from a home with a very busy lifestyle, multiple kids and multiple pets. This environment worsened her condition. Maya’s condition is so severe that her vet and the local Humane Society recommend that she be euthanized.

Maya was prescribed many medications for anxiety relief. She is no longer on any of them but we are not sure if these multiple medications have caused her any health problems. Maya also has recurring urinary tract infections not associated with her submissive urination issue.

Maya is currently in a foster home that is slowly and patiently working with her to build her confidence. Every once in a while we see the real GSD under all that fear…her ears go up for just a second and her tail wags.

Maya is definitely not a doggie daycare dog or dog park dog.  We are looking for a special home for this little girl. This family would work from home or be a retired couple or person who has a very quiet lifestyle, no other pets and no children. This home will need a fenced in area as Maya will run if she gets spooked by something.

Maya needs a lot of love,  patience and understanding…make that an extra dose of patience. If you think you could be a nurturing and understanding forever home for Maya, please contact us.'s all about the dogs.

Status: Available

Gender: Female/to be spayed

Age: 1  1/2  y.o.

Size: Petite, 55 lbs.

Color: Black and Tan

General Activity Level: low to medium due to fear, high when spooked

Major personality traits: Extremely shy and fearful

Interaction with dogs: Extremely fearful

Interaction with cats: Chases cats

Child requirements: Extremely fearful, will not be placed in a home with children

Fence requirements: Physical fence required, will try to run if spooked

Leash manners: Needs work

Degree of training needed: High


Maya is sponsored by:

Amy P., Darien CT

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