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GSRRC Membership Brochure   

Everyone is Welcome

You don’t have to live in New England to be a Member of the Center. We are an online community and we welcome members from all over the United States, North America and around the world. GSD people are everywhere!

Joining is Quick & Easy!

Our application is an Adobe Fillable form, so you can fill in your info, save it to your local drive.

Start enjoying the benefits or membership NOW!

GSR&RC Membership Application

Apply Online

Send your application to us at 
as an attachment to your email.

Next, go to our donation page to complete your transaction by Paypal or credit card.

Click her for our Donation Page.

Apply by Mail

If you prefer to apply by mail, print your completed membership application and send it to us with your donation.

Please make your check or money order out to GSR&RC, Inc. Send it to :

GSR&RC, Inc.
P.O. Box 210
Nahant, MA 01908

Attn: Membership

Thank you for your interest in the Center!

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The Top 10!

The Top Ten reasons to become a Member of German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center.

10. Open Invitations. You will have a standing invitation to attend all our events, including workshops, training classes, membership gatherings, meet and greets, and all our fundraisers.

9. Newsletter. Our Newsletter is filled with informative articles about activities at the Center, rescuer’s experiences and German Shepherd Dog care.  

8. Our Facebook Page. Our Facebook Page server is where we share our news, stories and talk endlessly about our GSDs. Check us out at  

7. Opportunities to Connect. Make lots of new friends—and not just the four-legged kind! Meet people who share common interests and a commitment to service.

6. Online and Offline Resources. Gain access to our GSD and animal welfare knowledge, networks and resources. We share all our best resources with you. 

5.  Support our Mission. Your dues fund initiatives and programs to support our mission to serve, protect and promote the well being of German Shepherds in New England.

4. Get in on the Ground Floor. We are still a relatively new rescue. We need your input and ideas. Your opinion counts.

3. Respect and Recognition. You will be recognized as someone who is serious about animal welfare and humane education.

2. Make a Difference. You will make a direct and positive impact on the number of GSDs in New England Shelters. You will directly effect change in the rescue community by becoming involved.

…and the Number 1 reason to become a Member of GSR&RC:

1. Save the life of a German Shepherd Dog. Bottom line... it’s all about the dogs.