The GSR&RC Placement Assistance Program™

Are you a GSD owner who cannot keep your GSD? We can help you place your dog.

The goal of this program is to assist GSD owners who who reside in New England and need to rehome their dogs but do not want to surrender them to a rescue or bring them to a shelter. These owners are willing to foster their own dogs until a suitable new home is found.  GSR&RC will assist owners by screening applicants, performing home checks and evaluating their dog for health and temperament when possible.

German Shepherd Dogs are a family oriented breed, and do not fare well in shelters or kennels. They get stressed easily and quickly and their behavior can deteriorate very rapidly, making them harder for shelters to place due to what is perceived to be behavior issues. They can develop unwanted and undesirable habits while in a shelter environment and their true nature can be hard for even experienced evaluators to determine because they are so stressed. We believe it is a far better practice to keep them out of shelters whenever possible and keep them in homes.

Guidelines for Owners

  • An application that includes a profile about your dog must be completed (refer to the box on the left). This includes any known health and behavior issues, medical records and proof of vaccinations.
  • Any dog that we agree to help re-home must be spayed or neutered. Exceptions will be considered on a case by case basis. 
  • All dogs must be current on vaccinations.
  • Owners must be willing to work with GSR&RC to screen applicants, schedule meetings with potential adopters and be available for potential adopters who may want to speak directly with them.
  • All known health or behavior issues must be fully disclosed.
  • Owners must agree to take their dog back within a 2 week period if an adoption is not successful. If this is not possible, the owner is responsible for making arrangements for housing of the dog, at their expense, until we can find another adopter.
  • Owner must provide adopter with initial supply of food, medications if needed, crate, toys, beds and whatever supplies they have for their dog;

The suggested donation for this service is $100.00, which is less than our standard surrender fee.

Guidelines for Adopters

  • Adopters must agree to allow GSR&RC share their application, home check results and contact information with owners.
  • Adopter must agree to return the dog to the owner if the adoption is not successful within the 2 week trial period. If at any time in the future, the adopter is not able to keep the dog, they must agree to contact GSR&RC.
  • Adopter must acknowledge that dogs in our Placement Assistance Program may not have been evaluated by one of our volunteers 
If you are interested in this program, please email us at:'s all about the dogs. 
Placement Assistance Application

To apply for Placement Assistance, please complete this Placement Assistance Application and return it to GSR&RC by one of the following methods:

Scan and email as an attachment to

Fax it to 475-227-3178

Mail it to:
GSR&RC, Inc.
P.O. Box 210
Nahant, MA 01908

This application will help us find a matching home for your GSD.