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We are the founders of German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center, Inc. (The Center, GSR&RC) and we have developed policies and positions that express our view regarding the appropriate treatment of German Shepherd Dogs. These policies and positions are grounded in our belief that animals inherently deserve of our respect, compassion and consideration of their needs. Our policies are articulated by senior staff and reviewed and approved by our Board of Directors.

We define ourselves as an organization committed to both protecting and advocating for German Shepherd Dogs. We develop positions in response to specific situations as they arise and we do our best to respond creatively, quickly and realistically to new challenges facing GSDs in society. Many of the issues we address are complex and changeable; therefore we anticipate modifications to existing policy and position statements.

We are a unique and distinct charity, constituted under law and directed by our own volunteer Board of Directors. We are not an affiliate of any other organization or entity.

This web page posts our policies and positions effective June 2010.