This dog has not yet been evaluated by GSR&RC. 

This dog is not currently in our Rehome Program. The information in this profile is what the shelter or owners have provided to us. We have not verified this information. We are trying to schedule the evaluation but do not have enough volunteers to do so quickly. Rather than wait, we are trying to get the word out about this dog in need and will be accepting applications from interested parties. 
Here is our Adoption Application. 

Meet Fred!

Fred is a large black and tan who is very friendly to people. Fred didn't do anything wrong but he needs to find another family.

Fred needs to find home primarily because the toddler in his household is allergic to him. The family also has another baby on the way and they do not have the time for Fred.

Fred likes to play will all kinds of toys; plush, squeacky, tug toys, balls, frisbees. He's not fussy. He also loves to play hide and seek with his family and chase them around the yard.

He lives with a toddler and while always monitored knows the rules. He is used to a working family home environment and can be trusted to be alone for a reasonable amount of time.

Fred has been to obedience training and knows most commands. 

Fred needs to go to a home where he is the only pet with a family who will work with him on his reactivity. 

He has been to the vet regularly and is current on all shots. He is neutered and is completely house trained.

Is Fred the dog for you? Can you love Fred and give him a good home? Do you know anyone else who would? Here is our adoption application for interested families.

Status: Available, not yet evaluated

Gender: Male/Neutered

Age: 8 y.o.

Size: Large, 114 lbs.

Color: Black and Tan

General Activity Level: High

Major personality traits: Loves people 

Interaction with dogs: Not good with dogs

Interaction with cats: Not good with cats

Child requirements: Good, lives with a toddler, knows the rules

Fence requirements: Physical fence required

Leash manners: Sometimes heels, sometimes pulls

Degree of training needed: A refresher course would do well, needs work learning to tolerate other animals


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