This dog has not yet been evaluated by GSR&RC. 

This dog is not currently in our Rehome Program. The information in this profile is what the shelter or owners have provided to us. We have not verified this information. We are trying to schedule the evaluation but do not have enough volunteers to do so quickly. Rather than wait, we are trying to get the word out about this dog in need and will be accepting applications from interested parties. 
Here is our Adoption Application. 

Meet Velma!

Velma is a 5 year old beautiful bi-color. She was abandoned at a kennel with 7 other dogs. Ceserea was also one of these dogs. She is currently still at the kennel.

She is very friendly to people and bonds quickly. She is skittish when in her kennel and is showing some barrier related barking which is not unusual in dogs kenneled for long periods of time.  

Generally she is a calm dog that only gets barky when someone approaches her kennel.  

We don’t know if she has ever had obedience training although she does know “sit”. She would benefit from a structured obedience class.  

She is not good with other dogs so would be best in a single pet home. She would benefit from counter-conditioning for her dog reactivity to learn to tolerate other dogs.  

She appears to be healthy and in very good condition. She is currently not spayed but will be before she is placed.  

Can you be Velma’s forever family? Do you know anyone else who would be interested in her? Here is our adoption application for interested families. Please contact us at's all about the dogs.

Status: Available, not evaluated

Gender: Female/to be spayed

Age: 5  y.o.

Size:  85 lbs.

Color: Bi-color

General Activity Level: Medium

Major personality traits: Friendly to people

Interaction with dogs: Not good

Interaction with cats: Unknown but more than likely not good

Child requirements: Unknown

Fence requirements: Physical fence required

Leash manners: Needs work

Degree of training needed: Medium to high, needs a structured obedience course, needs counter-conditioning for her dog/animal issues


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