Are you a shelter, Animal Control Officer or other animal welfare organization in New England that has a German Shepherd Dog up for adoption? We can help you place that dog! Join the German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center Rescue Partner Program.

What is the GSRRC Rescue Partner Program?

The GSR&RC Rescue Partner Program assists New England animal welfare organizations in the following ways:

·       GSR&RC Rescue Partners contact us when they have a German Shepherd Dog at their facility. If we have room for the GSD, we will start our evaluation process for possible intake.

·        If we do not have room, we will assist our Rescue Partner by using our resources to promote the GSD in their facility to increase their chance of finding a suitable home. We will post the GSD on our website, list the GSD in our newsletters and other supporting promotional materials, and inform our network of members and volunteers of the GSD in need of a home.

·        We will also publicize any fundraising events, activities and any current material needs of our Rescue Partner.

Who participates in the GSR&RC Rescue Partner Program?

Shelters (private and municipal), Animal Control Officers, rescues and other animal welfare organizations in New England are all welcome to become a GSR&RC Rescue Partner.

How does the GSRRC Rescue Partner Program Work?

1.     When the Rescue Partner has a GSD in its care, the Rescue Partner contacts their GSR&RC through their assigned GSRRC Rescue Partner Liaison.

2.     The Liaison gathers all the pertinent information about the GSD and submits it to the GSR&RC Rehome Committee.

3.     If we have a place to take in the GSD, the Rehome will start our evaluation process for possible intake of the GSD.

4.     If we cannot take the GSD, we will do whatever we can to assist our Placement Partner in placing that dog. This includes but is not limited to posting the GSD on our website, sending volunteers to the organization to help with the GSD, refer parties interested in adopting that GSD directly to our Partner.

5.      The Liaison maintains contact with the Rescue Partner (frequency of contact depends what the liaison and the partner have established) to obtain updates on the status of the GSD until s/he has been adopted.

6.    The Rescue Partner also contacts their Liaison when they are hosting an event (a fundraiser, open house, etc.) or they have a specific need. The Liaison will gather details about the event and forward it to the Center’s communications group. We will use our resources and networks to publicize the activity or need to gain as much exposure as possible for our Partner.

How does an organization become a GSRRC Rescue Partner?

1.     The organization contacts GSR&RC or GSR&RC contacts the organization.

3.      A GSR&RC volunteer explains the program in detail and answers any questions they may have.

2.     The organization completes an information questionnaire about their facility.

4.      If the organization agrees to partner with us, we add the organization to our Rescue Partner network and we assign a volunteer to be the liaison between GSR&RC and the new Placement Partner organization.

Why do we do it?
Simple…it’s all about the dogs. If we help find a forever home for a German Shepherd Dog, then we’re happy! Doesn’t matter where the dog came from or who placed it, bottom line is that we helped give a GSD a second chance.

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Here are just some of our Rescue Partners...

Brockton Blue Dog Shelter

Friends of Manchester Animal Shelter

Ipswich Humane Group

New Hampshire SPCA

Providence Animal Rescue League

Be Our Placement Partner!

Working together, we can place many more GSDs than working alone! Become a GSR&RC Placement Partner!

Send us an email us now!

To Post a GSD on our Rescue Partner Pages:

You must be a GSR&RC Rescue Partner. If you would like to be a Placement Partner, contact us.

GSDs in the care of Rescue Partners must be spayed or neutered.

Partners provide at least one photo of the GSD to be listed.

Partners provide a description of the GSD. We can help you write it.

Partners provide placement restrictions.

Please read our detailed requirements.