Say hello to Sadie! Sadie is a beautiful, high energy 6 year old black and tan female GSD who would love to find her forever home.

Sadie is a petite girl at around 65 pounds, and is very energetic. She loves her toys and treats. She enjoys rides in the car, play in the yard and going for walks. Although she had very little training when we took her in she has come a long way with the help of her foster parents and our excellent trainers. She is learning to walk nicely on the leash, has done excellent in learning her basic commands and continues to work on “come” and “release”.

She likes other dogs and lives with 2 large dogs and 3 small dogs in her foster home, but introductions need to be slow and well controlled, as she is exuberant when meeting other dogs. Her foster parents report that she has learned to wait patiently for her turn to go out and share her toys nicely. She also loves children and is great fun to have in the home!

Sadie is extremely active and has a rather high play drive. We would require a fence for this girl, as her enthusiasm may lead her into trouble. She has lived with children and she loves them, but because of her energy, we would recommend a home with older children. She is very friendly and great with people of all ages!

Sadie’s ideal home would have strong GSD experience, particularly with GSDs from working lines. They would also be required to continue her training, and have the time to exercise and play to burn off some of her energy. Sadie is incredibly smart and would likely enjoy having a job to do like scent work.

Sadie is spayed, up to date on vaccinations and crate trained. She will make an amazing addition to any active, GSD experienced family!

Status: Available

Gender: Female/Spayed

Age: 6 y.o.

Size: Petite, 65 lbs.

Color: Black and Tan

General Activity Level: High

Major personality traits: Play, play, play

Interaction with dogs: Good with proper introdctions

Interaction with cats: Untested

Child requirements: Good but home with older kids is best due to high activity level

Fence requirements: Physical fence required

Leash manners: Good and better every day

Degree of training needed: Average


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