Send Wish List items to:

GSR&RC, Inc.

P.O. Box 57

Hathorne, MA 01937

We may also to arrange for the our transport team to pick up the items.

Send us an email and type 
"In-Kind Transport" in the subject field. Include the list of items and the location. If it's something we can use, it may take a little time to arrange it. We will get back to you ASAP! 

Office Supplies Wish List

Rescue work is a paper intensive business that uses office supplies quickly. Tracking the progress of our rescued GSDs, adoption and foster applications and contracts, financial reports…all these tasks devour supplies and we find ourselves in constant need.

Your office supply gift enables us to use more of our cash resources for direct animal care. Can you help?

Our needs include: 

Copy paper


Paper Clips

Hanging File Folders

No. 10 envelopes

Manila envelopes

Labels - mailing, file folder, all sizes


While GSDs are in our care, the Center provides everything they need – food, medication, bowls, collars, leashes, crates, a safe place to sleep. Your donations of the items that we frequently use free up our cash funds for other needs such as veterinary bills and medications.

Since our needs continually change we constantly update our Animal Care Wish List.

If you have an item that is not on our list but you think it would benefit our GSDs, ask us! Send an email to with the description of the item. Type "In-Kind" in the subject field.

We love hearing from you!  We welcome many gifts in-kind and are most grateful when donors think of us with this form of philanthropy.

Corporate In Kind Donations

In Kind donations can be made by individuals or organizations. Please visit our Corporate Giving page if you are an organization that would like to make an in kind donation.