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K-9 JAX Needs Hip Surgery! JAX is a handsome 2.5 year old Sable German Shepherd Dog. He is a fully trained police dog and was working with his canine handler Police Officer Tim of the Somerville MA Police Department. P.O. Tim and Jax earned the following certifications from the Boston Police:

·         1/7/2015, they were awarded Certification for Patrol K-9 Team

·         1/9/2015, they successfully completed 560 hours of the Police Canine Handlers Course

·         9/11/2015, they successfully completed 240 hours of Narcotic Detection K-9 Handlers Course

This past August, Jax jumped up and yelped while training. He held his left rear leg up and was running on three legs. P.O. Tim took Jax to the vet. X-rays were ordered.

On 9/4/15 Jax was diagnosed with hip dysplasia. His veterinarian has serious concern that the hip dysplasia will affect Jax’ performance and ability to work in the future as it will lead to early degenerative joint disease and progressive lameness issue.

Jax was forced to retire from the SPD. He is without a job and has bad hips.

On 11/15/15, German Shepherd Resource and Rescue Center (GSR&RC) took Jax into our Rehome Program but we had to find a unique foster home to care for him. Because of his training, Jax is not a GSD for your average pet foster home. He needed a foster with experience handling a fully trained police K-9. 

We found one!

Police Officer Danny, his wife Suzanne and son Reese are currently fostering Jax. P.O. Danny is an active K-9 handler, a perfect foster home for Jax! Danny is keeping Jax’ skills sharp by doing scent work and other light duty activities.

Jax is young and in great shape which makes him an excellent candidate for hip replacement surgery. The goal of the surgery is to return Jax to pain free mechanically sound normal hip function. Medical and technological advances have made this surgery highly successful. Research indicates that 95% of the hips that have been replaced return to normal function or near normal function1. Working dogs that have had this surgery have returned to full activity.

We are estimating that the hip replacement surgery could cost upwards of $8000. This cost estimate includes:

·         examinations,

·         laboratory work,

·         x-rays,

·         hospitalization fees,

·         antibiotics and other prescription medications,

·         anesthesia,

·         surgical fees,

·         physical therapy, and

·         follow-up evaluations.

Postoperative care includes crate or small room confinement and restricted activity level for the first month. Only bathroom breaks and short walks are allowed and stairs and slippery floors must be avoided. Similar restrictions apply for the second month but longer walks are allowed. No running jumping or playing allowed in the first 2 months after surgery. Jax can go back to full activity after the second month. Follow up x-rays are needed after the third month and annually thereafter.

Note 1: Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center



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