We Need You. They Need You.

Currently, we are a home-based organization. We are all volunteers and we do everything…fostering our homeless GSDs, staffing our fundraisers, transporting dogs and supplies, interviewing foster and adoption candidates, recruiting members and volunteers, raising funds…we don’t exist without volunteers! 

If you would like to volunteer, here's where we need help! Thank you!

Intake, Foster, Adoption



Foster Homes

Foster Home Support

Telephone Interviews

Home Visits

Reference Checks

Foster Home Set Up


Foster Supply Maintenance

Dog Walkers

Adopter Support

Medical Tracking

Micro Chip Tracking

Fundraising, Events

Fundraising Event Coordinators

Fundraising Event Staff

Awareness Event Coordinators

Awareness Event Coordinators

Publicity & Advertising


Membership Coordinator

Donor Response

General Administration

Grant Proposal Writer

Adopter Check-Ins


Adopter Updates

Pooch Paparazzi

Foster Dog Profile Writers

Publicity Coordinators

Social Network Administrators

Website Development

Website/Publications Content Writers


Our workforce is made up of dedicated volunteers. We try to schedule tasks and hours of the volunteers according to the needs of the GSDs, the needs of the organization and the availability of the volunteers. 

For everyone’s protection, volunteers are trained in and must use the safe animal handling techniques taught in their volunteer orientation. 

For those tasks that have specific procedures, we expect our volunteers to adhere to these procedures unless a senior volunteer staff member directs them otherwise. Of course, if a volunteer has a better idea or a better way of doing things, we want to hear it!

Once volunteers know their work routines, we trust them to work with minimal supervision. We have confidence that our volunteers will follow through on their assignments without being policed. That being said, senior staff are always available to answer questions.

Our ultimate goal is that the GSDs are receiving the best possible care...it’s all about the dogs.

Volunteer With Us!

Contact Jessica, our Volunteer Coordinator!

We have a lot to do and need help!

Let us know what your're interested in and we will put you right to work saving GSDs!

German Shepherd Resource & Rescue Center, Inc.